Apartment styling (part IV) – Work space

Apartment styling (part IV) – Work space (1 of 1)I might have mentioned once or twice that since we moved to Italy things have been really good. Probably also too many times. But one of the not-so-good things is that I still don’t have my little work space/ home office/creative room, you name it, which was the reason why styling the one above was SO much fun. Hello pretty desk organizers and stationary!

So the general direction of the work space was: black and white, bright and feminine. As you can see the main pieces (desk, chair, lamp) are black and white, with a feminine touch created by pink accents around the room and soft, sheepskin rug. At the end of the day, I wasn’t willing to leave. As you can see in the photo below, I got quite comfy in there! (1 of 1)


home office passionshake (1 of 5) (1 of 1)Design, styling and photography: Agata Dimmich/Passion shake for Salerno Costruzioni Group

How do you like it guys? Do you have a little work space at home? Would you see yourself working from a space like this one?

Have a look at other rooms from the apartment styling project here.



i’ve been loving this series and this corner is gorgeous too. Love the hints of colour x


    Thank you Teri 🙂 There is something magical about work spaces, need to organize one for myself now 😛


Aguś cudny ten kącik masz !!!!!!! a wiesz, że ja już załatwiam sprawę starego biureczka do mojego domku nowego od Tereski z Kufra Babuni:)))) ma mi cudeńko wyszukać jakieś :)))czyli widać ,że te kąciki pierwsze skrzypce u nas grają :))))))))
ściskam Cię mocnoooooooooo!!!


    Aguś chciałabym zeby to byl moj kacik, ale niestety to tylko czesc aranzacji nad ktora pracowalam ostatnio (nie bylo mi latwo go opuscic! haha) Ahhh na pewno bedzie piekne, jak z Kufra Babuni to rowniez z dusza 🙂 nie moge sie doczekac jak zaczniesz tworzyc swoj nowy domek!!! Buziaki!


      aaaaaaa że don’t have :))) czyli, że nie Twój….Twój będzie jeszcze ładniejszy !!!good job w takim razie kochana :)buziole


      haha dziękuję! U mnie pewnie nie będzie czarnego, chociaż kto wie, powoli zaczyna do mnie przemawiać 🙂 buziaki


Love your styling. The color combination is gorgious. Really inspiring. I might borrow one or two ideas for my own home office.
xo, Stephanie


    Aww thank you so much! 🙂 Really glad you find it inspiring. Hugs x

En estado de Rachel

I need a lamp for my desk now !!
Sunlight to work is over ……


    haha yes it’s true! In November it’s quite useful 🙂


Good job,Aga! I like it!!!


    Thanks Galina!! :*


Hi, I love this post, so inspiring. Could you please let me know where you purchased some of the products; furniture, decor that is featured in this gorgeous blog post?
Felicity xx


    Hello Felicity, happy you like it! Sure the desk is a DIY made from Ikea legs and tabletop bought in a local hardware store (simple and very comfortable) The chair is a flea market find so it’s hard to tell where you could buy it but ‘Eames chairs / Vitra chairs ‘ are very similar so you can check them out 🙂 The small accessories come from many different places – but some of them or similar you can find in Ikea as well. Hope it helps!

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