A quick guide to Mallorca – what we did during our 4 days trip

A quick guide to Mallorca – what we did during our 4 days trip

After sharing the post from my visit to Xtant in Mallorca, I got a lot of questions from you regarding our trip, places we saw and recommend so I have decided to write another post with a few tips.

It was a short trip, mostly dedicated to exploring the world of heritage textiles at the Xtant event, however together with my friend and travel companion – Holly Becker we had a bit of free time to explore Palma de Mallorca and its surroundings.

Delighted with the historical centre, kind people, beautiful beaches and the mix of art, modern and ancient atmosphere – we quickly fell in love with the island and decided to go back and explore it further one day.

But for now, I will share with you what we saw, did and sincerely recommend: 

Things we did:

  • Walked around the centre – the mix of modern and historical is hard to resist. Great architecture, courtyards like Can Vivot and many design and artisans shops to visit.
  • Walked up to Catedral de Mallorca – it’s a must. The gothic, roman cathedral of Santa Maria with its nave being 44m tall is truly spectacular.
  • Took a historical, 1912 wooden train to Port de Sòller – a unique experience enjoying the breathtaking scenery of hills and nature of the Sierra Norte de Mallorca.
  • Once we got off in Port de Sòller, we walked up to the Port de Sòller Museum on top of the mountain and enjoyed the gorgeous views along the way.
  • Had tapas & sangria (red or white wine – both are great!) in one of the restaurants/bars facing the beach.
  • Walk up to the Port de Soller Lighthouse (unfortunately we didn’t make it to the lighthouse but it’s one of the things which were on our list)
  • Visited Bikini hotel and Rooftop Donkey Bar. 
  • Once we got back to Palma, we also visited gardens and historical manor of Raixa near Palma de Mallorca  as part of the Xtant tour for the ‘Taste the Island experience’. If you love nature, history and architecture it’s a beautiful place to go for a hike.

Places to stay:

Palma centre


Port de Sòller: 

(also restaurant and bar with nice views)

Places to eat and drink: 


Special thanks to Xtant and my friend Holly Becker for making this trip so wonderful!


Photos: Agata Dimmich / Passionshake

Photos of me:  Holly Becker / Decor8

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