A Moody Easter Styling and Easter Wishes

A Moody Easter Styling and Easter Wishes

Easter is right behind the corner so if you are in a mood for last minute inspiration, I have something special for you – a moody Easter styling. It turns out Easter doesn’t need to be pastel or yellow, it looks just as good in dark, dramatic shades, don’t you think?

Yesterday I discovered a new brand – Artilleriet which stands for an eclectic collection of interior, furniture, and details.The range of products consists of blend of classics, vintage and modern together with innovative design from around the world. What I love about the Artilleriet is that they work with well-known brands with recognized high quality, and equally important, the lesser-known “up and coming” with great potential.

What is Artilleriet idea of Easter?

“Easter is a convivial feast with very few demands.
The flavours are in focus, with the touch of decoration
as an extra spice. Enrich traditional or innovative, much, little or nothing at all.
This year we want it soft, slow and sober. Somehow classical, but still with a twist.
Do Easter in your mood, at your pace. “

I couldn’t agree more! I wish you all a happy and relaxed Easter with your families and friends! We are leaving for Poland in a few hours, I will be back here on the blog after 7th of April, however you can always connect with me via Instagram!

Photos: Artilleriet


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