5 Rug trends spotted at Domotex 2023

5 Rug trends spotted at Domotex 2023

January has always been the month of new, fresh ideas in the design world. Therefore, the best way to get the concept of what are the current rug trends is to visit the industry fair, of course!

This year I have returned to Domotex in Hannover after 3 years. As you may know, it’s a fair dedicated to flooring exhibitors. A unique niche trade show giving an excellent idea what are the ‘it’ carpet designs for the upcoming years.

If you have been following my Instagram, you have already seen my favourite finds. In addition to that I would like to share with you 5 rug trends I spotted while touring the fairgrounds of Domotex.

Here we go.

1/ Textured, 3d patterns

The first one are textured rugs with 3d effect. This year I have noticed many designers playing with textural variations, in particular mix of flat and fluffy, to create unique patterns. Unusual and very, very beautiful.

rug trends

  • Himalaya collection, those rugs are crafted using different materials and several textures that you simply can’t resist touching.
  • Tribaliste, a brand with a contemporary approach to Berber craftsmanship. I have truly loved their stand – the patterns, the colors, the personalisation possibilities. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

2/ Arty, playful shapes

When it comes to Art, there are no set rules hence all the techniques and mix of textures and designs works perfectly together. I have spotted many arty pieces at Domotex this year and here are few favourites.

rug trends 2023

  • Lyk carpets at Holly Becker’s sensory mood space – unique and beautiful by Mareike Lienau. Rugs made in a new, unseen and positively extravagant way. Holly’s space combined several trends I have seen at the fair – textured, 3d patterns, arty designs, monochrome contrasting with bold colors. Gorgeously styled, Holly’s space was a piece of Art alone!

domotex 2023

  • Unlimited style rugs – the arty rugs combine the concepts of art, fashion and design with their lush, sensorial feel. They are made in India by craftsmen who specialize in hand woven, hand knotted and hand tufted carpets.

3/ Recycled materials

This year’s Domotex theme was “Floored by nature” focusing on being mindful towards our environment. That means that the industry is taking more responsibility than ever for greater sustainability and is providing answers to current challenges. To highlight a few – new use of recycled materials, looking for natural resources, creative use or mix of both to produce designs which are environmentally friendly.

floor trends 2023

  • Narma, the two-sided original smartWeave® is a unique 2-in-1 rug with both sides of the rug having different patterns and are equally usable.
  • Aydin Tekstil – We have already seen many beautiful rugs made from plastic bottles and other recycled materials so I wanted to focus on a process I haven’t seen before. This award-winning lovely rug by AYDIN TEKSTIL made without using any water from beginning to end of the production.


4/ Warm, deep, earthy colors

If you are into warm tones like me, I have great news. The earthy colors are definitely trending in the rugs and floors industry right now.

rug trends

  • Morroccan rugs represented by Maison de L’artisan – in addition to the classical, beige beni ourains the morrocan designers are bringing in the deeper shades into their rug collections as seen in the first photo above.
  • Peter Fehrentz mood space “space on earth/earth in space” was filled with warm moody colors.


rug trends

  • Khyber weavers – showed a beautiful collection of patterned, brown rugs.

5/ Monochrome

And finally monochrome designs – visual, black and white, strong contrast rugs are going to be making themselves known. It’s the timeless and most classic color combination, yet in the rug world it stands out.

rug trends

  • Tisca – the new Black & White collection is the result of the most consistent reduction of all Olbia colors to the most essential ones.
  • And also produced by Tisca – the square rug presented by Annika Fröhlich at Boden schätze project – minimalist, monochrome, haptic rug.


  • Lyk carpets again and the beautiful monochrome, textures objects.

If you are looking for a new rug for your home, you know what are the current trends. I’m wondering do you have your favourite trend here? Any of the showed designs particularly caught your eye?

It’s been a true pleasure to return to Domotex and have a chance to show you the fair through my eyes. Thank you for invitation Domotex and Holly Becker and to all the lovely people met along the way.

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This post has been written in collaboration with Domotex, all expressed opinions are my own.


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