3 Styling tips to make your photos instantly more eye-catching

3 Styling tips to make your photos instantly more eye-catching

If you know me a little bit, you probably noticed I like to experiment with styling and photography to create inspiring content. Whether it’s working for a client, shooting products for social media or simply taking everyday snaps, there are some tricks which can make our photography more interesting.  Today I would like to share with you my current favourite 3 styling tips which work for me, ready?

1/ Add unexpected factor

It can be composition, pop of color, unusual arrangement of photographed objects. It’s all about capturing your subject in an intriguing way for example styled coffee mugs forming a little sculptural tower.

2/ Add strange texture

Texture is one of the common styling tips but if we experiment with unexpected textures, photo can be more fun! Instead of using textured backgrounds or textiles, try new materials for example creased paper.

3/ Add handmade element

Nothing is more eye-catching than handmade object, a little imperfect bowl adds interest to the composition, don’t you think?

Often simple tricks can lead to creative result, making our photos instantly more appealing. If you are a styling and photography enthusiast like me who is looking to improve their styling and shooting skills, you might enjoy my product styling and photography E-course which is designed to teach you creative approach, visual storytelling, simple but effective shooting and editing techniques. It’s a powerful mix of 10 classes and 10 project tasks to make sure you not only learn but also practise your skills.

Here is what is included

1. How to create a brand visual identity
2. Key product styling elements
3. How to style your products – 3 styling and photography rules
4. Types of product photography
5. Best lighting situations and tips for photographing your products
6. Photography basics & equipment
7. Shooting: How to set up your DSLR camera for best results
8. Shooting: How to set up your iPhone for best results
9. Editing essentials – which programs/apps to use (Smartphone and Lightroom)
10. Product Photography and Storytelling

Get your e-course here.

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