3 DIY Valentine’s Day cards

3 DIY Valentine’s Day cards

passionshake-vday-118 (1 of 1)2015 is upon us, meaning the next international fun date on the calendar is Valentine’s day so I think it’s time to bring some love to the blog! You are probably rolling your eyes right now, but I have a proposal of a different sort. Let’s make this Valentine’s day fun and happy, whether you are celebrating it with your second half, friends, on your own, with your pets or not at all. Wait not at all? That’s not an option!

Good, now that we all agreed into getting crazy for filling the air with hearts, let me show you what I made.

passionshake-vday-115 (1 of 1)

You will need:

-card stock cut into different sizes

-honeycomb (i.e from kea)

-colorful paper

-colorful string

-scissors, glue


passionshake-vday-117 (1 of 1)

How to do it:

1. ‘Second half’ mini card – glue two sides of two same-size hearts together, then glue the remaining two sides to the card.

2. Honey (heart) comb –  cut the half-heart shape out of a paper honeycomb and glue it to the card.

honeycomb (1 of 1)

3. Heart & string  – glue the colorful paper heart to the card, wrap it with a colorful string and add a twig to decorate.

That’s it!

passionshake-vday-104 (1 of 1)

passionshake-vday-105 (1 of 1)-3

passionshake-vday-113 (1 of 1)

I love making cards, it’s such an easy way to get a little bit creative. Have you ever made any or do you prefer to buy them?

Have a beautiful day! x


Georgie St Clair

These are so pretty! I could imagine giving them to friends as well as loved ones, as little notecards. Guaranteed to make someone’s day! Lovely post
Georgie x


    Thank you Georgie! I have a card obsession, I collect, make, buy and then give for all the occasions to friends and family 😛
    Happy you like them x

Monique | WritingMonique

These valentine cards are awesome! I love the honeycombs one 🙂


    I think it might be my favorite too! Thank you Monique 🙂


Oh so cute! I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day and I’m not saying that because I’m single (no!) but your cute little cards just made want to celebrate it big time. So pretty!


I admire you and how early you are! I can be glad if I can get my act together like 2 days before Valentines Day!

Those are gorgeous. Maybe now I can save me some time 🙂



Wonderful idea, loving this project! Featuring you tomorrow at WIW. Hope to see you back!Xo


    Thank you so much Aniko 🙂 Have a good weekend x

Anna @Annabode

These are just so pretty and lovely! I especially love the pop-up honeycomb card. Usually I just buy Valentine’s cards, but you’ve inspired me this year. Handmade is just more meaningful!


Those cards are SO super cute! Always a fan of honeycomb paper, thanks for sharing Aga <3


    Thank you Mette! Glad you like it. Honeycomb is always a good idea isn’t it? 🙂

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