12 DIY Marble inspired projects you still want to do

12 DIY Marble inspired projects you still want to do

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake3It seems like the marble trend isn’t going away any time soon. It’s still very much around and I personally wish it long and happy life, what about you? If you are like me and you are still wanting to diy some marble and marble-looking like pieces, we might be on time. In fact, there are more and more great ideas out there coming so there is plenty of projects to choose from. Want see some of my personal favorites? Click on the links to get full tutorials.

1.DIY Marbled pot 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake6

2.DIY Marbled and copper notebook 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake10

3.DIY Marbled candle holders 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake7

4.DIY Marbled Tabletop – Ikea hack 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake4

5.DIY Marbled phone case  

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake15

6. DIY Marbled clock

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake14

7.DIY Marbled paper envelopes 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake9

8.DIY Marbled Hexagon pads 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake16

9.DIY Marbled cover

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake20

10.DIY Marbled drawer knobs 

DIY marble tutorials on passionshake2

11.DIY Marbled coffee table 


12.DIY Marbled table 


These are 12 really awesome projects, right? So tell me, which ones caught your eye the most? Any you have already tried or thinking of doing?

Have a great weekend!


Megs | White Rabbit

oh my gosh! I love all of these. I’ve been crushing on marble a lot lately. Especially love the marble laptop cover!! Amazing!



I love the marbled phone case!
Would be perfect for me.

Have a beautiful weekend,
dear Aga <3



Aguś poluję na deskę marmurową cały czas …..mnie też się wydaje ,że moda na marmur szybko nie minie 🙂


    Oby, oby! 🙂

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