11 bedrooms you will never want to leave

11 bedrooms you will never want to leave

It’s Monday. It’s raining. I just got back from holiday and started a diet.

On a day like today, all I wish is to stay in my warm and cosy bed, sleep and disappear – I’m sure you can understand why. To make my life even harder I gathered 11 effortless bedroom corners, I wouldn’t leave under any circumstances! The best thing about these looks is, they can be very easily recreated with no big spendings, so if you are in a mood for a little makeover, get inspired and go for it!

Aren’t they all sweet dreams coming true?

bedroom passionshake 13jpg

1/ Marie Gon

bedroom passionshake 9

2/ Cuty Paste via French by Design

bedroom passionshake 7

3/ Bedroom of Fashion Designer Suzanne Rutzou via The People of Sand

bedroom passionshake 3

4/ The Design Chaser

bedroom passionshake 10

5/ When shabby loves chic

bedroom passionshake 12

6/ Read Cereal

bedroom passionshake 6

7/ Blogai Baggis

bedroom passionshake 8

8/ Styling: Lo Bjurulf, Photos: Stellan Herner

bedroom passionshake 5

9/ Cultiver

bedroom passionshake 1

10/ Lisa Cohen

bedroom passionshake 4

11/ Avenue Lifestyle

Do you love them as much as I do? Spot your favourite?

Have a great start of the week and lots of sunshine!



no i teraz się swojej nie będę mogła doczekać Aguś 🙂


    ja też Aguś!! Jaki jest przewidywany czas na skończenie domu pod jabłonką? 🙂

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