1 limestone rock in 2 ways at home

1 limestone rock in 2 ways at home

I have this thing for collecting rocks. So does my husband. As far as I can tell he might be the one who started the tradition of bringing limestone rocks from the beautiful places we visit, claiming he will always remember where he found them. The reality is that most of the time after few months he doesn’t (I checked! SEVERAL TIMES) so I figured if we don’t want to disappear under the ‘unknown’ rocks, those we decide to bring back home need to be functional too. I think it’s a fair deal, would you agree?

Long story short, today I want to show you what I did with the rock we brought back from Puglia two years ago. It’s not exactly a piece of art so displaying it as a sculpture alone was probably not enough but I loved that it had holes in it and found a way to use it.

1/ ROCK HOLDER – If you can find a rock with natural holes,  it can become a perfect holder. That includes toothbrush in your bathroom, makeup brushes at your vanity, pens at your desk or incense holder. The possibilities are endless.


2 / ROCK SUPPORTER – this one gives a lot of options too. My favourite way is a small mirror support which adds a bit of interest to the while shelves. You can also use it to provide support to your books or magazines around your home. Simple ideas are my favourite!


Which idea do you like better?

If you have some more on how to use a limestone rock at home, please let me know. I am always looking for simple ways to add style and interest around here and natural elements are a great way to do it.


Styling and Photography – Agata Dimmich


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