Styling Tip #9 – Styling with Dead Flowers

Styling Tip #9 – Styling with Dead Flowers

Trend alert: dead flowers are more ‚alive’ than ever. Have you noticed?

Nothing is a show stopper quite like a room filled with dried botanicals arranged as an interesting installation, hanging from the ceiling or decorating the tables. Their fragile structures and flyffy textures create whimsical look, very hard to resist. Some of us love them, some of us hate them, if you are in the second category I hope this post will inspire you to view dried flowers differently (I promise, SO much more differently!)


Styling Tip 9: Styling with Dead Flowers

Since dead flowers do not require water to survive and look their best, the arrangements can get much more unpredictable – they can be placed anywhere and everywhere: hang from the ceilings, flat lie on the tables, become interesting backgrounds. If you have a garden, look for inspiration there, I encourage you to go out and cut a couple interesting branches with interesting shapes and textures. Go for a morning walk and see what you can find  in the country road, pampas grass seem to become more and more popular everyday. Nature is full of surprises, sometimes all we need to do is open our eyes and search for the unexpected.

Once you gather your dried botanicals, let your imagination free and see what can happen! Any ideas on your mind already?

Textures: dried, imperfect, fragile, wrinkled, fluffy

Props: Pampas grass, dried flowers, statement vases, branches

What do you think? Loving it as much as I do?

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