Small happy apartment

Small happy apartment

Hello everyone! How is the New Year treating you so far? 
Today I would like to tour you through a very happy place to live.
Are you ready?
Small can be beautiful, easy and practical but you need to know how to make the most of it. 
What I really like about this apartment is the right, thoughtful touch. 
White floors, white walls and white furnitures? 
Yes, it does work as a great space expander providing neutral background for exposing details.
 Pretty accessories with the pop of energetic and happy colors like the red throw cushion, yellow lamp or colorful artwork create happy, yet stylish atmosphere.  
Have you noticed how much natural light enters in this apartment?
 No curtains, no blinds, no shades. Amazing!  
That’s another tip used here to open up a space and add a bit of character. 
If you look well you might be able to see the neighbors waving!
No? Thankfully not! 🙂
I have to admit I love natural light but I also like having the possibility to put down my blinds when the night comes,
 don’t you?
 Decorating small apartments can be a difficult endeavor, as the space is very limited. Most of the people face the dilemma to either make an extra room for their belongings or design it with style (I’m asking myself, where to keep all that stuff?!) One of the great solutions are high cabinets in the kitchen, as you can see in the pictures. You get additional space without clattering the rooms with over-sized wardrobes.
-White space + pop of happy colors
-Natural light
-High cabinets = extra storage
How would you make a small apartment look bigger? Do you have any other tips? Have a great day!

Picture source: Alvhem



You are right, there is something really magical about this home! I’ve got electric window blinds and I just can not imagine my home without them. OMG! 🙂 I was actually searching for ‚neighbors’ in the pictures! Good one! :-)))
Kisses from Italy, Clarissa

    Aga Tinca

    Got yaaa! 😀

Filipek 70

ajjjjjjjjj jakie piękne mieszkanie !!!!!! mnie otwartej przestrzeni właśnie brak i widoku za oknem bez sąsiada w gatkach lat 50 plus :)))) a taki wystrój to marzenie po prostu ….cud miód i orzeszki :)pozdrowionka

    Aga Tinca

    Takie widoki to by dopiero było fiu fiuuu 😀
    Chętnie bym się tu wprowadziła 🙂 Ciekawe co na to właściciele haha

Aleksandra Zielinska

Uwielbiam takie proste, niewymuszone wnętrza. Takie urządzone mimochodem.

    Aga Tinca

    Zgadzam się, magia tego mieszkanka zdecydowanie tkwi w prostocie.


Kocham twoje mieszkanie! Biały jest idealny kolor; wszystkie wyglada świetnie!


I agree with you,I prefer blinds or curtains with happy colors on windows,They can add a warm to the apartment.

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