Made in Poland: Natural Skin Care with Alba1913

Made in Poland: Natural Skin Care with Alba1913

Hello everyone. Hope you are well!

In today’s Made in Poland post I will show you my recent discovery – a series of natural comsetics: Alba 1913 which, thanks to their stylish packaging are not only great for our skin, but also for the bathroom style (can you tell I’m a self diagnosed interior junkie?)

Healthy is beautiful, is a new philosophy and a way of life. Alba1913 a polish start up brand with a 100-years tradition, was designed to be beneficial to your body but also to the soul. The idea is to be enjoyable during everyday use, so we can smile and shine!

The founder of Alba, Mieczysław Rychlicki was fascinated by traditional herbal medicine based on natural essential oils and plant extracts. As we know body and mind are deeply connected hence the human being should be approached as a whole, considering all the needs. Quality natural extracts, aromatic essential and that packaging which is a pretty bathroom decoration is what I look for in comsmetics.

Here are my three favourites from the series:

  • Overnight Cell Rescue Oil – gives a skin energy boost and natural glow in the morning. Made with a high concentration of natural oils and African shea butter, the formula enhances the natural smoothing processes that work as we sleep. And it smells SO, SO good!
  • Metropolitan Skin guard Mist – this is exactly what my skin needs more or less twice a day to stay hydrated. It contains sorrel leaf extract to brighten and balance skin tone and protect it from the polluted air. Perfect after a long flight!
  • Gelanic Leave on Mask – Designed to restore healthy looking skin and radiance overnight, it does work!  Inspired by an original formula, popular with Poland’s noblewomen during the art deco period, it’s a great addition in my beauty case.

Have you ever tried Alba 1913 cosmetics? What do you think of natural skin care?

They say that the average person rubs and sprays from 5-10 different skin care products on his or her body every day – and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb the nearly 130 chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to. When I turned 30, I started paying more attention to the ingredients, try not to be fooled by cosmetic advertising any more. Many of them  promise things they never deliver.

The exceptional therapeutic potential of medicinal plants has been demonstrated over the years, by numerous studies and scientific publications, hence I definitely trust more natural skin care! You can read more about the philosophy and quality ingredients used by Alba 1913, on their website.

Styling & Photography: Agata Dimmich for Alba1913


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