Get ready for Winter with the cozy, handmade blankets from Sofi Baby

Get ready for Winter with the cozy, handmade blankets from Sofi Baby

Hello, Hello everyone. I hope you are well and enjoying the Autumn season so far! If you adore the cozy moments as much as I do, this might be it, so grab a hot-choc (double cream, please!) and have a look.

As promised on Instagram, I have an exciting collaboration to share with you today. I have teamed up with Sofi Baby Shop for a styling and photoshoot to show you the softest baby blankets out there. Located in Italy, available through Etsy, the shop helps modern Mamas to create a happy place for their children to sleep. Made with the best quality natural fibers, in minimal style. they warmly hug the babies and families around the world. I don’t have kids yet, but when I will do those blankets will be at the top of my ‚must-haves’ list. I ended up keeping the chunky blanket after the photoshoot as I simply couldn’t part with it, and I absolutely love this new addition to our home. It’s just perfect for those long, autumn evenings with a book, movie or magazine, don’t you agree?

Olga, the lovely owner of the shop is inspired by the kids, nature, music and the sea. She designs the seasonal collections at the sea side – „love to come at the beach at 6 in the morning with my album, pencils and sometimes lap top to work in quietness and peace, enjoying just awaken sun and waves whisper”. That’s where the story of the beautiful, handmade blankets begins.

Olga’s children not only are daily joy but also her “testing team” – they like to watch her working and try new creations. This gives Olga the  opportunity to test tons of yarns in daily use, see if they are “baby-proof” and durable before the new design enters the shop.

Now, that’s what I call a real family buisness with values and love! Here’s a little code to help you spread it, type WELCOME at the shop’s checkout to get 10% off. Just in time for the Holiday gifts shopping!

Styling and Photography: Agata Dimmich for Sofi Baby Shop


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