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studio passion shake 8 (1 of 1) The time has come for my favorite part of each interior project – decorating! In case you thought I preferred having concrete on my face, paint under my nails, cleaning or have a back pain from carrying furniture, nope. I don’t. I’m much more happy when I get to play with the pretty things.

I have started with planning the gallery wall above the sofa in the studio, which is probably one of the last parts of the decorating process but I have received some new, beautiful prints from Minted and simply couldn’t resist!

studio passion shake 5 (1 of 1) As I mentioned in the past posts, the most important thing about the gallery wall is WHAT the wall says and I guess if my could speak, we would be having a relaxed kind of conversations. I’m definitely one of these people who like to be surrounded by pretty pieces which get me in a good mood, nothing too heavy or dark.

So today I will share with you a few tips and tricks I  follow each time when hanging art:

1. Choose color palette – this is quite important, unless you are going for a totally eclectic and random look. To make your gallery wall coherent, try to think about main colors you want to see and choose your art accordingly (I would go with 3 main colors, in my case it was pink (kind of predictable!) gray and white + a few side colors. On my wall you can see pops of black + brownish + green.

2. Mix your Art – try to choose different kinds of art and different sizes to create interesting look and then mix them all up – I have used – Minted graphic art, watercolor, typography with my own framed photography, a DIY art (framed leaf – click for tutorial here) and a hat.

studio passion shake 11 (1 of 1) 3. Frame your art – somebody once told me that the frames should be chosen for the art not for a room – hence even if you think that a gold, antique frame would go great with your room decor, maybe it’s not the best choice for a modern, graphic poster. I think you got the point. Of course it is important to keep in mind, the look of the room, when choosing frames but make sure they enhance the art you are going to place inside or go for neutral, light frames like I did.

gallery wall 6 (1 of 1) 4. Now comes the hard part – how do I hang my art? I’m not sure if I’m an expert but I have hung art a few times in my life so I can share with you my experience. Once your art is framed, arrange it on a floor to see how much space it takes when grouped together, as ONE gallery wall. Then play with the arrangement until you like the composition. I have arranged it, in front of the sofa, so I could immediately see the width of the composition in regards to the sofa size.

studio passion shake 9 (1 of 1) 5. Add unexpected element – who said gallery wall has to consist only of frames? Add mirros / clocks / dream catchers / clothing items  (a hat like me or necklace), dried flowers / vintage camera / geometric mobile – get creative and see what will look best on your wall.

6. Wall check – You probably know this already but it is the best way to check how your composition works, without immediately attacking your wall with a hammer is to trace and cut each frame to size. I have used carton boxes but you can also use colorful paper. Then, hang the cut pieces on the wall using washi tape and see if you like the final result.  I didn’t.

gallery wall 14 (1 of 1) I loved my arrangement when it was on the floor, however once I hung it the carton cut outs on the wall I realized some ‘frames’ are too high. The good thing is, if this happens, you are still on time to make adjustments without having wall full of wholes.

7. Heights – I guess there are no rules on how high the frames should be hung, it is important that when you stand in front of your gallery wall, you don’t have to look up or down, it is right at your eyes’ level. Also remember to  leave minimum 5 cm distance between your frames.

I guess this is it!

studio passion shake 10 (1 of 1) So tell me, how do you like it? I am really excited to share it with you, also I promise to show more angles in the next studio update. The thing is, they are not ready yet, so we all have to wait a little bit more. You can view all the garden studio progress and posts related here, including the before photos.

Some of the beautiful pieces you see above has been sponsored by Minted (thank you so much!). Make sure to check out their huge Art choice and accessories.

Design, styling and photography : Agata Dimmich / Passion shake.

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  1. Jaane says

    Hello. I’ve been following your blog through bloglovin but commenting for the first time today – this is gorgeous! I had a look at the before photos and it is incredible what you’ve done there. Looking forward to see more photos once you are ready to share. Wishing you a beautiful day. J.

    • says

      Wow, thank you! I’m really happy to hear that you like it :-) Will try to be as quick as I can with more pics ;) Have a great day Jaane x

  2. says

    Your gallery wall is just picture-perfect,
    dear Aga!

    …also such an inspiration as I currently
    have a focus on this decorating issue myself.

    Thanks for your tips and the Minted-link!


    • says

      Aw thank you Anke, I love your style so I’m very happy to hear that you like it. It takes time and (a lot of!) arranging and rearranging but I think it’s worth it :) Good luck and can’t wait to see what you do!

    • says

      Cieszę,się, że się przydadzą :) Lekko nie było, ale się zawzięłam tym razem. Niektóre obrazki podpierały ściany od paru lat więc musiałam wreszcie ogarnąć ten temat :P

  3. says

    What a great post! The images are beautiful and your studio is to die for. Wish I worked with you on a collaborative project there :p

    Back to the actual post – well written and this guide I will for sure share :) Keep it up!

    • says

      Who knows maybe one day we will have a chance to do something together, I really like your design style :)
      Thank you so much, glad you like it Anna!

    • says

      Ojej jak mi strasznie miło Aniu! Dziękuję! Nie należę do osób cierpliwych więc wyobraź sobie co się działo podczas mierzenia, próbowania i wbijania gwożdzi :P Nawet pies mnie unikał haha

  4. says

    This is stunning! I came across this via Instagram. Thank you for including my “Weathered” print from Minted in this gorgeous collection – you’ve done an amazing job pulling this all together!

  5. Neeta Sawhney says

    thanks So Much. Love the juxtapositions of all the art it is so nicely paired. Very nicely placed thanks for this. Neeta

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