DIY Wall Organizer

passionshake workspace11-0428 As promised in yesterday’s post from Lago di Garda I have a cool DIY for you today (no more lies!). It’s not a secret that we all enjoy having industrial elements at home. One of my absolute favorites include metal additions –  like the iron mesh wall organizer, above the desk, to keep all of the inspiration images and handy items in one place. It costs peanuts and looks great, don’t you think?

passionshake workspace10 You can get it from your local hardware store for about 3 euros and use it in many different ways – as a workspace inspiration board, kitchen utensils holder or hallway organizer. Genius, right?

What do you use to organize small items? Do you keep them on display or in a drawer? As you can see I don’t have a drawer so just needed something to organize that creative mess!

Check out more DIY ideas here.

Pictures: 1 – Agata Dimmich, 2 – Agata Dimmich for She Knows

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  1. Filipek70 says

    Aguś …to mam już zaplanowane nad biureczko :)))))))) plus czarno białe fotografie …no i może jedna kolorowa he,he :))))))

    • says

      tak myślałam Aguś, ja jednak wciąż jestem w fazie kolorowej :) W sumie zawsze byłam więc nie wiem czy kiedyś bedę w stanie zupełnie wyciąć kolorki :P hmm pożyjemy, zobaczymy :D

  2. says

    That’s such an awesome idea. I like interesting ideas to organize things too. Well, I like to use baskets, hangers, bowls, …there are many ingenious ways to display things. I always like discovering new ways. Thanks for this inspiring post. Have a great day!

    • says

      Hello Gabriela and thank you! :) Happy you find it interesting. I checked out your blog and you have some really cool ideas there! Great job :* Hugs

  3. Gretchen says

    What an elegant, simple way to organize your work space! I’m in love with the chair and sawhorses as well – I’d love to know where I could shop for those in the US!

  4. Emily says

    Love it! Going to go buy a sheet right now. What did you use to hang things (scissors,etc) onto the wire with? I can’t really tell from the picture

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