5 Tips for finding your perfect coffee table

5 Tips for finding your perfect coffee table

Hello everyone! Hope you are well! Today I would like to talk about coffee tables. I have teamed up with Flou to share with you Top 5 tips for choosing your coffee table, showing a Tay Service table designed by Massimo Castagno. You might remember I already posted the overview of the collection few months ago, where I mentioned Tay was one of my favourite pieces. It’s timless, comes in many different finishes and shapes to match individual needs and it’s a great, little spot for some coffee table styling!

Choosing the coffee table to some might sound easy, you just follow your design taste but there are few things to consider to make the long-term relationship with your new addition truly enjoyable. It’s the piece that will be joining your living room probably last, the piece that has to compliment all the other designs, the piece you will love, if you make the right choice.

Erm, but how exactly do we make that choice? Here are my 5 tips to help you get your perfect coffee table:

1/ Consider your space

Coffee table is a great design accessory so make sure it fits the style of your space and your everyday needs. We all know that the details are one of the most important elements in any interior, especially when it comes to our living room – as that’s where we spend most of our time. I like to go for the minimal, timeless coffee table designs as they create perfect base for styling details (make the candls, books, plants join the coffee table party!)

2/ Match the materials with your lifestyle

Have you ever got a beautiful pair of shoes you never wore because they were oh-so uncomofortable? We can make the same mistake here. Material is a key to making your coffee table functional. Glass probably wouldn’t be the best choice if you have kids around, delicate wood requires costers and extra protection from anything hot you might want to place on top it. I would suggest choosing a material that will not only look good but also fit your needs. For example Tay table, which is in focus today is available in many marble finishes (which is my favourite material) also in heat-treated matt polished Eucalyptus wood.

3/ Size of the table

Size matters so take into considaration the size of your sofa and living space. Big sofas tend to look good with rectangular shaped coffee tables, smaller ones would probably look better with a square ones. The quadratic shapes will surely add symmetry to the room, making the final look complete.

4/ Mix and match tables

That’s where decorating gets interesting. Some spaces do look better with multiple smaller coffee tables. With big sofas, it gives us the flexibility to adjust the layout for different activities.

5/ Follow your gut feeling

Last but not least is our gut feeling, if you found a piece you absolutely love, this is probably the one that will be best for your living space. Often we try to be rational and practical, ignoring our emotions, which isn’t always the best thing. Have you ever experienced regreting not buying a piece you instantly loved? It might have been too expensive or not justified, but even now you wish would have bought it back then? It happens to all of us, that’s why I think it’s important to take that gut feeling into considaration. Sometimes it’s best thing we can do!

To learn more about the Tay collection and custom possibilities of the coffee tables, you can visit Flou website.

Do you spot your favourite? Wood or Marble? Small or big?

Have a great day!


*This post has been written in collaboration with Flou


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