5 New Design Chairs for your home or garden

5 New Design Chairs for your home or garden

new design chair on passionskake blog10Some of us love modern design and innovative interior solutions, others tend to go for rather traditional looks. I would say, I’m slightly more on the design side, as I love seeing what’s hot and new out there, however I’m very selective when it comes to liking. Some pieces (example here) I just don’t get!

Today, I’ll show you 5 new design chairs which I find interesting and think can make a great addition to modern home decor. Have a look!

1. The Reves chairs by the Muka design lab – fun design and great colors combining the function of a regular chair and an armchair, with a fabric hood for a cozy, private atmosphere.

new design chair on passionskake blog2

new design chair on passionskake blog

2. The Happy chair designed by Fred Rieffel for Arfa, makes me smile just to look at. What do you think?

new design chair on passionskake blog9

3. The captain chair designed by Studio Bend has an interesting geometric structure and fantastic bright colors. I just love it.

new design chair on passionskake blog3

new design chair on passionskake blog8

4. The Merano chairs by Ton won the IF Design 2015 award. They light, cool design is perfect for everyday use.

new design chair on passionskake blog105. Last but not least is the JANINGE chair designed by Studio Form Us With Love for IKEA. which quickly got popular since it has been realeased last year . What’s great about this chair? Great look and very tempting price tag. That’s why we all love IKEA!

new design chair on passionskake blog7

Any of these that you particularly like? Are you following design news or you prefer rather traditional home look?



fajne krzesełka ale ja jakoś przywiązłąm się do myśli ,że nie ma ładniejszych od Eamsa :))))))))buźka 🙂


    Bo nie ma lepszych krzeseł od Eamsów! 😛 Zgadzam się w 100% ale czasem lubię popatrzyć na inne 🙂 Bużka!


kurcze ,a to co jest ??? co innego pisałam :))))))))chciałam powiedzieć ,że się przywiązałam do myśli ,że Eames najładniejszy :))


coś mi się tu dzieje Aguś …nie wiem co widzisz ,ale ja przed chwilą czytałam jakieś chińskie, swoje wynurzenia ,a po napisaniu drugiego komentarza ,widzę że jest w miarę ok :)coś się pituli 🙂


    Ojjj, nie wiem Aguś co się dzieje, ja widzę wszystko ok, więc mam nadzieję, że to była chwilowa awaria!


I like your collection and especially love your Reves design that was so creative and colourful.

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Love the smart design of the chairs in the 2nd photo!

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