Socks – mania


I am in a total socks-mania, after spotting some unbelively cool pairs online! Did you know there were so many fun socks around? Aren’t they awesome? Can I have them all? Please? That’s what Mondays morning are for, right? The white pepper Asos Her campus Amazon Asos Wonderzine Princess Socco Refinery 29 If you looked… Read More

DIY Single Splatter Vase


Are you in the mood to splash some paint and play with flowers? If you decide to block, ban or unfollow me for the amount of splatter pattern I am forcing at you, I won’t blame you – but I just can’t get enough of it! I love being surrounded by the sweet blossom, whether… Read More

More Than A Bag


Since it’s Monday and we all know that beginnings of the weeks tend to be tough, I got something to brighten it up a little (and perhaps make you smile!) Just look at those bags! The are so much more than just a normal tote to carry things (I mean a bag is never JUST… Read More

Home in beautiful shades


Hello everyone! I know what you are going to say – it’s been super boring around here this week but if you follow me on Snapchat you know that, it’s because I was busy repainting the studio and working on finishing things up before we head to Poland for a few days (hurray!). I hope… Read More