How to style a cupboard in 6 different ways

H O W   T O   S T Y L E   A   C U P B O A R D

So, last Sunday you got a cool cupboard at the flea market. Now what? Looking at the the listed cupboard’s forms and shapes, it could (almost) be the same piece of furniture so let’s assume for the sake of this post, it is, ok? *wink* This particular model – a very simple, 2-door (plus occassionaly… Read More

The Easiest Way To Make A Bed Tray

DIY Bed Tray

I think you might agree with me, that some moments, particulary weekend afternoons, are best when spent in bed. And I don’t mean sleeping, oh no! It’s about having a cozy moment with a favorite book, sweet treats, magazines or a TV series watched on a laptop, while relaxing on soft layers of blankets and… Read More

Wishlist ♥ 114 – Etsy

0Etsy favourites 1

It’s time for another Etsy finds list, I hope you will spot some great items also this time! 1. Archromo planter by Light and Ladder 2. Lace shorts by Pulse Official 3. Cork Ball Carafe by Gallivanting Girls 4. Leather bracelet by Atuko 5. Dining table by Yield Design If you like what you see,… Read More

DIY Design Accent Mirror


Let’s play designers again! One of my favorite styling tricks is to decorate with mirrors. They are not only stylish but also very functional–reflecting light and making every corner feel brighter and bigger…that’s probably why I have them in every room. How many have you got? Since I like having them in different forms and shapes,… Read More

Wishlist ♥ 113 – Etsy

Etsy favourites 4

Are you ready for some pretty, shopable finds? Here come my Etsy picks from this week: 1. Summer skirt by Garderob 2. Planter by Yulia Tsukerman 3. Summer neckless by Atuko 4. African mudcloth pillow by Village Comfort 5. Wooden box by Golden Biscotti Do you like these items as much as I do?