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Agata is the creative mind behind Passionshake, specializing in creating campaigns and content creation for brands. Visual, digital, social presence is not a media. It’s 2018.

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  • Good morning dear friends! Starting this week with the minimal design news from Mexico city - many of us probably associate Mexico with boho-style, colorful materials. And yes, you can find all of that, but not only! Meet Maritza Lara Cáceres, a mastermind behind two gorgeous, minimal brands: @capitalstudio_ & @casamineral 🖤 More on the blog (link in profile) #mexicandesign #minimalhome
  • Thank you so much for all the love and comments under our wedding photos! You are amazing! That’s the last one I am sharing here, you can find our full wedding story on the blog 💛 Photos: @marta_kowalska_fotografia #sweetmemories #ourweddingday #weddingvenue
  • Real love is to find that special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life ❤️ photos: @marta_kowalska_fotografia #justmarried #happilyeverafter #ourweddingday
  • A cute, little town surrounded by the lakes where we created most beautiful memories 👰🏼🤵🏻 I hope you can forgive me a bit of wedding ‘spam’, just a few more photos I want to share here, the rest you can find on the blog :)) Photos: @marta_kowalska_fotografia #weddingday #łagów
  • Best friends 💛 My little sister with her best friend and me with my best friend for 18 years, some minutes before my wedding. True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart 😉Thousand miles away, yet we are still good old friends, talking and sharing life almost everyday. A precious, constant relationship in a world full of changes 💛I’m so thankful to have a friend I can always count on, who shares with me the happiest and saddest moments, who always cares and supports me, who tells me the truth no matter how hard it might be to say. A friend who knows everything about me, who is in my life ever since I remember sharing all the crazy adventures together (crazy is the word, trust me!) A friend who knows all my secrets and accepts me. She knows every flaw, every story, my entire life, what my ugly-cry face looks like, and how grumpy I become when I am hangry — and still sticks around (and eats my food 😆) Madziuś, thank you for the laughs, for the cries, and for everything in between in the last 18 years! Thank you for all of the things you do, big and small! Thank you for being my beautiful Maid of Honor. I love you 💛 Photos: @marta_kowalska_fotografia #bffforever #maidofhonor #polishgirls
  • Sweet memories 👰🏼🤵🏻 Our Wedding day story is on the blog now (link in profile) Photos: @marta_kowalska_fotografia #weddingseatingchart #weddingday
  • This picture was taken 2 hours before the Wedding. Checking last details, feeling happy, smiley, extremely anxious and super excited! Emotional rollercoaster unlikely to repeat any time soon! As many of you know we have been happily married for few months now but I am only now sharing our Wedding Day Story 🥂 You can read all about it on the blog today, why it took me so long to post it and about unexpected pre-wedding drama one day before our big day (👆🏻 link in profile) So excited to finally share it all with you! Photos: @marta_kowalska_fotografia 💛weddingday #bridetobe #weddingpost
  • It is still sunny and warm here in Italy so I’ve been lucky to enjoy the first days of Autumn hanging out in the garden ☀️ The outdoor bliss brings me to the topic of outdoor furniture. I don’t know about you but having tested many outdoor chairs and tables, I must admit one of the important factors in choosing them is durability (except style of course!). Recently I came across new Italian brand @unopiu.official which I have teamed up with today, to show you my favourite designs and the winning material when it comes to strength (see them all on the blog) If it’s already cold where you live, they will surely brighten up your day a little 😉 #ad #unopiu #teak #outdoorliving