Get the look: Boho Bathroom


Welcome to the new blog series – ‘Get the look’ in which I will be showing you how to easily style or restyle your home by making small changes and introducing new accessories. Beautiful spaces always inspire me to change things up, so I decided to document my thoughts how to easily recreate the looks,… Read More

Jumping into 2017 – Plans and Ideas


Hello Friends! First I want to wish you a fabulous 2017, I hope you had a great start! How was your Holiday? Did you have a good time? I can’t believe we are already in 2017! WOW! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support throughout the years, daily visits… Read More

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Are ready to rock your New Years Eve Night and start the 2017? Any particular plans? Actually it doesn’t really matter – as long as we are having fun. It might be crazy night out with your friends, watching favourite movie with your family, mountain trip or little gathering at home, let’s just do what… Read More

Swedish Gingerbread Cookies


The Holiday season is in full swing. and if you are anything like me you might not be quite ready yet. Let’s not panic, there’s still plenty of time! (…right?) I am planning to squeeze all my preparations into the upcoming weekend – cleaning, decorating, cooking, sending cards and gifts hunting. Very ambitious, I know…. Read More