Wishlist ♥ 118 – Etsy


These days I am totally obsessed with online shopping – in fact I bought 6 pairs of shoes the other day, just because they were ‘on sale’. Buying on sale means saving, right? That’s what I strongly believe in. If you are also in a mood for some getting some great items fro independent designers,… Read More

Wishlist ♥ 117 – Etsy

Etsy Wishlist 2

Hello guys, how are you? I have new Etsy finds for you today. What would you go for? 1. Pottery Set from My very own goggles 2. Leather Blouse from ATUKO 3. Gold Geometric Rings from Luv Minimal 4. Transparent Backpack from Pingy Pear 5. Concrete Textures Notebook from Pasinga You can find more of… Read More

Thoughts On Creativity


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity and it’s importance for all of us, multi-craftual people. And I came to one simple conclusion – It’s a drug. Beware – it can change your life. What is creativity? I like to define it as expressing yourself through bringing new ideas to life in whatever possible… Read More

Wishlist ♥ 116 – Etsy

Etsy Wishlist

Hey, hey everyone! How are you doing? Let’s start a new week with some pretty, shopable finds. Here are my latest Etsy pics. How do you like them? 1. Marble Pendant Lamp by Latitude 2. Wall Art – Pastel Pears by Amy Roth Photo 3. Midcentury Planter by Other times Vintage 4. Midcentury White Matte… Read More