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Agata Dimmich is the creative mind behind Passionshake, specializing in interior and prop styling, art direction, photography and content creation.

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  • I'm happy to be back on @decor8 with my monthly column, where I will be sharing styling tips with you 🙌🏻 Today's post is about 3 Ways To Style Your Home With Style Icon + Model Prints 🖤 Read full post on @decor8 blog. Happy Friday! #stylingtips #blogpost@
  • Because making plans always starts with a coffee. espresso. first 😀 It's Friday guys! Have a good one! #butfirstcoffee #kawa #cafestagram
  • #tb to @aoomistudio styling from last year. Isn't it the prettiest plate? 💛 ps: yes, that should be my dinner this evening after the chocolate overdose last night 🙈#ceramiclove
  • Nothing quite like a smell of fresh coffee in the morning ☕️ I'm already having a second one, what about you? Happy Thursday! 💛 #butfirstcoffee #kawusia #flatlay
  • Happiness is... blanket, book and a hidden chocolate bar 😉What are you doing this evening? #happygirl #smilemore
  • Good morning ☕️ Have a good day friends! A day doesn't have to be perfect to be good 👍🏻(although palms and a beach surely would help 😋) #workspace #studiolife
  • Would you agree that a dream without a plan is just a wish? Happy with my new weekly journal from @mlekoliving to help me make sure I don't miss a thing (yep, that means gym classes too! 😅) Have a good afternoon friends! #onmydesk #weeklyplanner #stationarylover
  • If only every day could start in this way 🙏🏻 How are you my friends? Good morning! Dzień dobry! Buongiorno ☕️ First coffee ✔️#tb #butfirstcoffee #dzieńdobry