Receiving Hoppipolla Box


Today I have something very special to share with you – a new way to be inspired and discover creatives, by having delivered Hoppípolla box, with carefully selected designs, straight to your door. I am honored to receive one of the first boxes (in fact it is called box #0!) and  share what I found… Read More

5 Days Of Holiday Giveaways


I’m so excited to let you know that from the 1st of December (in just one day!) there will be 5 incredible Giveaways running on my Instagram. I have teamed up with some of my favourite brands – so that we can share gorgeous products with you, just in time for the Holiday. You can… Read More

Styling Aoomi Ceramics Collection


If you are looking for a set of ceramics which will make you smile each morning, look no more guys. I didn’t since the moment I saw them for the first time at Milan’s Design Week. It was love at first time, so intense and true, I knew I needed them in my life. The… Read More

Get Stylish Gifts Under 50$ – for HIM


Since all we talk about these days are the Holiday gifts, discussing whether a blue scarf is ok for uncle John, would Dad actually attand one year of gym membership and how many rolls of wrapping paper should we get – it’s time for a second part of the Etsy Gift Guide, so we can… Read More

Get Stylish Gifts Under 50$ – for HER


Christmas is coming and even though I’m still trying to figure out whether to stay in Italy, host, fly to Poland, visit friends, hide in the mountains or all the above, one thing I can’t procrastinate anymore – are the gifts. No matter what, where and how we will be spending this years’ Holiday, Santa… Read More

DIY Wooden Picture Holders


Hello everyone! It’s been quiet around here recently, but I’m finally back so we can catch up. How have you been? A lot has been going on in the last weeks (new projects and future planning!), and I can’t wait tell you all about it but before I share the details, here’s a new DIY… Read More

Inspired by: Black Tapestry


With black being one of the trending colors this year, I’ve noticed many mini and maxi ways to decorate your home using this atramentous shade. Besides the painted walls and various finishes used for all sort of home assortment, there are ways to add a pop of black in a minimal, yet very stylish way…. Read More

Halloween series – DIY Chandelier


Whether you are planning to organize an elegant sit-down dinner or an open-house party, this DIY black cage decoration fits the bill. Horrifying yet sophisticated, the cage has many possibilities. You can customize it to become a chandelier, candle lamp or simply an interesting display for your side table. One thing you can be sure of:  It will… Read More